Monday, October 18, 2004

Veggie Dating

One of my favorite online vegan recipe sources is; since all recipes are user-supplied, some of them are fairly nasty and/or incomplete, but the majority are healthful, tasty, and unique.

This website also offers personal ads. Geekfest '99. Seriously.

Today I came across Ted, one sexy bitch of a vegetarian. He's old enough to vote, he's Californian, and he's got a stunning smile. It also looks like he's posing on his late grandmother's couch. If I were single and thought meeting people on the internet was a good idea, and if I was desparately alone, I might drop Ted a line. I think you should. I bet Ted's a good guy with a big heart. And an indefatigable head of amber locks.

Ryan here will definitely murder you on your first date. Mark my words.

Scott is servicable, but he used "I" when he should have used "me." Damn Canadians.

Lynd thinks ideas are good things. I couldn't agree more.

And so on.

Note that for some reason most people on this site have "eastern" religions, are non-religious, or are simply atheist. It confounds me that more "conventionally" religious Americans (Christians, Jews, etc.) aren't vegan. It's a lifestyle predicated on the belief that the well-being of other creatures is more important than one's non-essential desires.

Anyhow, point is, browsing VegWeb personals is a great way to waste time at work.


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