Monday, November 01, 2004

Stick a thermometer in me…I've got election fever!
The 2004 CalJunket Voter's Guide

The day is already upon us! That's right, Around the World in 80 Days is coming out on DVD tomorrow. Also, people are gonna vote for a bunch of stuff. Here I offer my endorsements for a few offices and propositions that will appear on your California ballot.

But don't take my word for it; if there's one thing Ted Nugent and I can't stand, it's people who vote for stuff because other people tell them to. (If I had my way, political advertising would be illegal.) Not sure how to feel on a proposition? Read a comprehensive summary of the prop in your voter's guide. Still not sure? Read the primary source text of the prop (also in your voter's guide starting on page 83). If that doesn't inform you, at will at least bore you into making a decision.

It also doesn't hurt to talk about the issues with a significant other or good friend, preferably one whom you (a) disagree with on many political issues, (b) sleep with on a semi-regular basis, or (c) both. The best friendships, romantic or otherwise, are augmented by intelligent debate and subsequent romping.

Any offices, measures, or propositions that I do not include here have been omitted because either I'm not informed enough to make an endorsement or I do not have an opinion on the item.

President: John Kerry (C'mon.)
Senate: Barbara Boxer (She's a bit of a douche, but that doesn't preclude her from being a decent senator.)
Representative, Ninth Congressional District: Barbara Lee

1A: Yes
59: Yes
60: Yes
61: No
62: No
63: Yes
64: No
66: Yes
67: No
68: YES
69: NO
70: No
71: Yes-ish
72: No

Berkeley Measures
I: Yes
Q: No
R: No
S: No (Trees? Honestly.)

I'll provide solid explanations for the more contested props after the election and when I don't have a paper due the next day.

Happy voting!


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