Tuesday, November 23, 2004

'Tis the season for self-mutilation!

For those of you debating whether or not the wonderful world of piercing is right for you, now is the time to quit the equivocation and send yourself down an irreversable path of intentional pain. For starters, Thanksgiving is in two days, and it's always a good time to surprise the loved ones whom you haven't seen in four months with a new piece of metal. Second, my favorite piercing and tattoo vendor (Industrial Strength - on Dwight at Telegraph, next to 510 Skateboards) just got a new piercer and he rocks my socks off. His name is Todd. He's friendlier than Mr. Rogers, but with the occasional curse word. On Sunday he pierced my tragus, which is less exotic than it sounds. Normally getting one's cartilige pierced hurts like the dickens, but my new pal Todd managed to permanently scar my ear without the least bit of pain.

So go out, give into peer pressure, do the cool Berkeley thing, and get a hole poked into you.

As for the holiday, I'll be in Long Beach thanks to the generosity and vehicle of a certain Mr. Jessop. No one in my family knows that I'm coming, save for my older sister, so I hope they weren't planning to hold their Annual Rebecca Hatefest over Thanksgiving this year. For the record, this will be my sixth Thanksgiving as a vegan.

Have a great weekend, be it with family, friends, a freind's family, by yourself, or with complete strangers. See you on Monday.


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