Sunday, November 14, 2004

Who knew that the ASUC was actually so productive?

Sorry for the lack of posting as of late. Believe it or not, I've been spending my time doing work for your student government, and toiling away at my personal academic obligations, and playing Spider Solitaire.

Anyhow, le Big Game is this Saturday, and all campus is abuzz about how soundly we will spank our local rivals at the ol' pigskin. I say 13 points. My psychic dog told me. The ASUC is having a Big Game block party (repleat with alcohol) on Friday. We're also selling shirts that commererate Aaron Rodgers' general radness. ("Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood"...."Won't you be our Heisman?") Find us selling them on Sproul for $10. Even I bought one, and I hate t-shirts.

What we won't be selling are "Fuck Stanfurd" t-shirts. This was not based on the prudishness of any ASUC leadership so much as our reluctance to spend good will with the Chancellor on a stupid gimmick. We (the royal "we") were a phone call away from printing a few hundred of said shirts, but our buddy Chancey B got a significant number of letters from angry parents complaining that this kind of language was poisoning their children. (As if your lame SUV, polo shirt, and trophy wife weren't poison enough. Snuh.) The Chancellor didn't ask us explicitly not to participate in the "Fuck Stanfurd" hoopla, but better safe than sorry.

For my money, misspelling a university's name isn't a very good zinger anyway. In general, misspelling just makes you look stupid and petty. (Or should I say "stoopid"? See what I mean?) Maybe we should make shirts that say "Fuck Stanford for costing $30k a year and for being academically and athletically inferior to Cal and for making all their buildings look the same and for having a really terrible humor magazine." Now that would hit them where it hurts.


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