Friday, November 19, 2004

Why is it that conservatives in the Berkeley blogsphere seem to be bigger cowards?

I was wondering this after having an imminently stupid argument over on another blog, but doesn’t it seem like the conservative bloggers use pseudonyms more? Rebecca and I and Brendan and Kevin and even Jon P all feel safe using our regular names, but very petty B and BAD and ddffssd all feel afraid. I guess it makes sense on the liberal Berkeley campus, but you’d think that people would fear the federal government’s CIA and “patriot act” more than being called on your political beliefs by your acquaintances. Anyhow, I guess the RIL boys don’t count since they’re probably afraid after reading the Protocols of the elders of Azlatan.

I thought of using a pseudonym before. I even picked one out: doubting tommaso. I know, it has my real name in it, but the idea is there.


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