Thursday, December 02, 2004

C'mon, Senator Narodick. You have a good point and all, but...

**Update** Ben didn't write a bill...he filed an injunction. Big difference. My mistake. Reading is hard for my brain.

Ben Narodick, my good friend from the Heuristic Squelch and all-around fun guy, has written a bill that freezes Commercial Revenue Funds for the President and EVP until some "issues" are "resolved" by "people." In short, Misha Leybovich and Christine Lee have wisely decided to use some money from the Student Store to invest in computer equipment for the ASUC offices. It's not much money, and the computers are I think about twenty yeard old. (The moniters are five inches across and we do data input with punchcards. No kidding.) Ben wants that money to go through the Senate rather than directly to the executive officers' offices.

I like it that Ben wants a tidy system of checks and balances. I like it (in theory) that Ben wants to perhaps prioritize giving money to student groups over putting money into functional computers for ASUC staff. The SQUELCH! party, indeed, does stand for giving money to publications and activity groups and whatnot rather than indulging the whims of elected officials.

The problem is that, well, the current computer situation in the office just plain sucks. Sucks goat balls. Twice. It very literally inhibits productivity. Second, if the money doesn't go to capital improvement, it'll probably end up going to some lame campus special interest whom I don't really care to support, rather than, say, a particular humor magazine. Third, I'm not quite comfortable yet with the idea that Ben takes his job this seriously. It's like finding out that your daughter has decided to marry a circus'll ultimately grow to love him, but for now you're just a little confused.

Lastly, I need 120 smackaroos to get a new web host for the year, and I was hoping to get that money directly from the aforementioned commercial fund. Will I have to get the money from the Senate now? Do I have to write a bill? Do I have to get it sponsored? I'm confused. I need that money by the first week of January. On the bright side, if I do indeed need to go through the Senate, maybe I'll throw in a rider on the bill demanding that Wednesdays be officially declared "Pantsless Wednesdays" by the ASUC.

More as it comes in.


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