Monday, December 06, 2004

Does anyone know of a good FDR biography?

A co-worker at my new job and I got into a political conversation the other day. He said that I seemed to be unusually optimistic considering the Republicans controlled the government. I responded that it’s not enough to win elections; you have to be right, too. The New Deal radically changed America and created a lasting political majority for a generation, but not because FDR was a good politician. It persisted because FDR was right. Though it isn’t universally the case, as long as democracy isn’t undermined too much, the party whose backward policies weaken their country will soon be tossed out on their asses no matter how good their PR is.

Oh, we tried to stop the fundamentalists from having their turn at bat and in that, we failed. I’d almost be glad to stop hearing their incessant whining from the bench, if it wasn’t for the fact that our team really needs a homer. But anyhow, it’s time for them to face the pitcher, and I wouldn’t be a liberal if I didn’t expect them to strike out.

In conclusion, FDR was handicapped and thus could not play baseball.


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