Friday, December 24, 2004

Happy Holidays!

I would like to wish all my Christian readers (who celebrate it) a merry Christmas and all the rest a happy December 25th. Hell, I hope all your days are happy. Yes, even the right-wingers; May you all be visited by three ghosts and learn the true meaning of Christmas. I’ll be gone visiting the grand canyon with my girlfriend but I’m sure patriotic spirit of political discussion will be just fine without my hot-head musings.

Goodwill to all people… except for maybe Osama Bin Laden and all those insurgents shooting at our guys. Actually, I wish them goodwill too: the type of goodwill that asks them to put down their weapons and surrender. That probably won’t happen but hey, if Bush can make a war plan that depends on it, I can wish for it too.

This season, let’s remember those who are less fortunate then ourselves: because really, everything we have is a gift from God and it’s vanity to think that we deserve any of it. Let’s remember all those fighting for us overseas and at home; those who live under the yoke of oppression, be it from the negligence of their fellow citizens or tyranny; those who are sick and dying; and those who are alone. May we open our hearts and recognize the common humanity that we all share.

Happy Holidays and a good New Year!


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