Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Corrections, Clarifications, and Stuff Like That

In the interest of truth and accuracy, and because someone from the Daily Cal and Andy Ratto seem to want me to (for whatever reason - gee, it's as if people don't like being accused of being incomplete sources or something), allow me to correct some misstatements and revise a conjecture from my previous post about these two sources' Bookswap coverage:

Andy talked to Misha more than a day after the money was stolen (but before Sunday when he and his staff had a moment to count the losses with any degree of accuracy). My mistake.

Andy also didn't quote the $30,000 mark without prefacing it with "Misha reports."

And lastly, someone from the Daily Cal apparently did speak with someone from the Office of the President, but obviously not after the Sunday (Jan 23) when the $6,000 figure was determined, even though the story ran on the following Monday (Jan 24). A more accurate number has been known for over a week, and the newspaper is just today running a report on the revised loss.

As Andy points out, though, our office hasn't gone out of its way to publicize the smaller $6,000 figure. Misha didn't feel like it was necessary to do much damage control, despite my urgings. He's just too darn optomistic. Perhaps if I had debunked the $30,000 total the same day that the DC article came out they would have cheerfully withdrawn this information the next day. Unfortunately, though, I don't see this blog as a breaking news source, and I usually only post when I have the chance, hence me not posting until Thursday.

Anyhow, this is all incredibly boring to my readership, and if you didn't read this or Andy's post about this topic, my feelings aren't hurt.

(By the by, lest anyone be confused, though I am somewhat affiliated with the Daily Cal, I spend only about 30 minutes a week in their office, and I don't have a lick of "inside" information about the workings of the paper. A DC editor wanted me to clarify that.)


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