Sunday, February 06, 2005

Good bye my friends

Although many of you know I've been working on it for a couple weeks now, I want to make my new blog official by announcing it here. It's called DoubtingTommaso. Basically, I feel constricted to political posts here and I want a site where I can talk about "what I did today" more. Don't worry, a tearful Rebecca made me promise to corss post my political rants on Caljunket so I won't be going far.

As for the wing-bats that have gotten riled up inthe comments sections lateley (RIL, I'm looking in your direction) I bid you a not so fond farewell. I hope that you develop a passing respect for actual discorse in the future or at least that you all come to the consensus that calling people racial slurs is not the best way to start a comment.

As for the regular people who haven't been commenting becuase of the ill-will in the comments section I can promise that I will try to keep things more civil over at the comments of my new site. Check it out!


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