Sunday, February 27, 2005

It's that time of year again

Did someone say ASUC elections?! No? Well I don't care. I'm gonna tell you about them anyway.

The candidate filing period starts tomorrow and lasts through Friday, March 11. To register, just take $5 and to the fourth floor of Eshleman Hall, fill in some easy paperwork, make sure you have a funny nickname, and voila! Also, you need to be a registered student.

The Candidates' Meeting (where people finalize their candidacy) will be on March 15, time and location TBA.

The elections themselves will be held from Tuesday, April 5 to Thursday, April 7 at polls throughout campus.

I'll keep you updated with election schedule information when I find it out and direct you to the ASUC elections website one it's up and running. My webmaster, the Elections Council, and I should be launching it within a few days. If all goes well, it will be incredibly useful and informative.

Speaking of the elections website, is there anything you guys would like to see on the site? I can't promise that I'll be able to include everything, but this site is going to be a top priority for me over the next six weeks, and I'm hoping that all the powers that be will also be able to help provide me and the student body all the best and most updated information possible.


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