Thursday, February 17, 2005

The lessons I've learned

I've admittedly been absent to my little blog lately. I've been preoccupied with (a) working 20+ hours a week in a dreary cubicle so that I may pay for food and shelter, (b) volunteering in a middle school math classroom twice a week, (c) conducting research for my honors thesis, (d) conducting research for my thrilling 10-page paper about closets (!), (e) keeping up with my academic reading, (f) fulfilling my indentured servitude to the ASUC, (g) getting paid a handsome $15 for each column I write for our school newspaper, and (f) making sure my boyfriend remembers what I look like. Eariler this week I also hosted my father in Berkeley for two days straight.

In short, it's not like I spend my days watching Blind Date reruns, lounging on the couch in my underwear. Now that I mention it, though, that sounds pretty nice. Mmmm....Rodger Lodge.

But during my hiatus, though, I learned a few lessons about life, love, and the ASUC. I'll benevolently share this knowledge with you, as long as you promise not to ruin the surprise for everyone else:

Gossip about our student government is boring. Like, seriously not interesting.

Guys at the gym are gross.

The library smells really good. Like old paper and leather. And knowledge!

It's cool when people know you even though you don't know them. Now I know how Ernest Borgnine feels.

Watching television makes you less intelligent, but not watching television doesn't make you more intelligent.

Unless there is some sort error in the university's database, Yvette Felarca's real name is Yvonne. Weird, huh? Not that I care one way or the other, and not that this is interesting or anything (see first lesson), but that's seriously weird.

Running a website is extraordinarily stressful and frustrating business, especially when servers lose a week's worth of progress in a split second.

Tommaso posts more when he's not writing for CalJunket anymore.


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