Saturday, February 12, 2005

New!: Old ASUC election data

So after what seemed like 18 months of daily pestering I was finally able to annoy Devin (last year's ASUC election technical Coordinator) into sending me the ASUC election data for 2004. A public thank you to him since he was under no obligation to do that. The data is here.

I haven't made any changes to the ASUC elections tabulator although I have bundled the zip with the new election data and updated the readme accordingly. Also, note the new download locations on the server of the new company I work for. I've only worked on two projects thus far but I think I'm getting into the groove. The first project was a modification of our product for the Joint Forces Command in Iraq. It's nice to be able to support our men in women in uniform at my day job as well as in my personal political activity.

Anyhow, send me any questions, comments, or requests about the ASUC Tabulator. Software is forever a work in progress.


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