Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Lamezors, Daily Californian

I see that Ben has already invested his two cents about today's edition of the Daily Cal, but I have my own bone to pick with my employer. I demand to have my name in the paper more, damnit!

Now don't get me wrong; I love the Daily Cal. They give me $15 a week to saw whatever I'm feeling at the moment, their review section is pretty good, and their women's golf coverage rocks!

But, seemingly for lack of anything better to print, today's opinion page was tarnished by three really lame letters to the editor.

As you can see, those last three letters each address page three columns from the previous two days, and while I don't oppose running letters about columns, I do oppose wasting that space with letters about columns besides my own.

Thus I must publish my own fan mail. The next few paragraphs are verbatim selections that I have received in my inbox over the last coupla weeks.

Just wanted to join a zillion other yahoos who've probably also done this
and tell you I think your column is brilliant. When I read the Daily Cal, I
sort of tend to skip the Op-Ed unless I see your name and a pair of
oversized sunglasses.

As I reader, I'd just like to say thank you for writing a readable (and actually enjoyable) column. You're the only Daily Cal columnist in the last three years who hasn't made me want to stab myself (or preferably them) in the eye. I hope you'll continue writing next semester, as that way I might some day no longer hate myself for reading the Daily Cal.

rebecca, you fucking rule

dear rebecca,
i wuv you.
i wuv you becuz:
a. i'm an older white man with no life other than berkeley cafes and fox news.
b. you get it.
ps. coud you send me a nude attachment of yourself?

If I lived in California, I would try to date you. You have an excellent sense of humor

See, that's the voice of the people!


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