Friday, April 29, 2005

Let's get outraged for no reason. It's the American Mexican way.

From World Net Daily (an always reliable source of unbiased news) via RIL:

L.A. now in Mexico?
Billboard for TV newscast has 'CA' crossed out, nation's named added

An immigration activist group is drawing attention to a photograph showing a billboard ad for a Spanish-language TV newscast in L.A. on which the "CA" abbreviation after "Los Angeles" has been crossed out and the word "Mexico" added in its place.

Even Arnie is putting in his two pesos:

"I think they should take it down immediately," Schwarzenegger said.
He called it "divisive" and "unnecessary" and said it promoted illegal immigration.

Uh, the fuck? Promotes illegal immigration? Explain that one to me, por favor.

Or maybe they're just honing in on their target audience, many of whom are from Mexico. It's a fucking marketing technique.

What ever happened to free enterprise, conservative America? Calm down.

Perhaps the concern is that images like these promote a compromised American culture, as if culture in California weren't based as heavily on Mexican influences as on any non-Spanish European influences. It's amazing how such blatant racism is acceptable if it's in the name of cultural integrity.

The most hilarious part of the outrage is the fact that, hey, guess what, Los Angeles used to be in Mexico! "L.A. Now in Mexico?"? How about "L.A. Back in Mexico?" Yeah, isn't strange how things change over time? Crazy.


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