Thursday, April 28, 2005

No elections results for at least another week. Boo!

The lamest e-mail I've gotten in a long time:

This morning, Mr. Liberman informed the Judicial Council that he in fact plans to contest the following three charges filed by the Attorney General:

1. Violation of By-Laws
2. Violation of By-Laws
3. Violation of By-Laws

Because the defendant was notified of these charges on Monday, April 18, he has had an appropriate amount of time to prepare his defense. We will be hearing AG v. Liberman (1,2,3) this Sunday, May 1, at 7pm. Mr. Liberman requested a postponement of several weeks due to medical problems, but in light of the time-sensitive nature of these cases and the fact that Mr. Liberman can send a proxy representative if he is not in Berkeley this weekend, we are not granting this request.

Furthermore, because there is election litigation pending, the tabulation of votes will be delayed until this matter is resolved and the appeals period has expired.

RD Gregg

I hate it when people take advantage of their right to appeal, especially if it inconveniences me.


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