Sunday, April 03, 2005


Hey party people, come read what all us loser ASUC election candidates had to say about ourselves. My vote for best candidate statements goes to...wait for it...ME! Find me under #22 for President, and #120 for Senate.

Find the .pdf at, or just click here. It's a huge-ass file (over 5MB), so it might take a while to download.

On another note involving me uploading files to a server, check out the complete introduction to my thesis here. Almost as impressive as this 11-page document about cows is the fact that I finally figured out how to publicly share files from my webdisk. Anyhow, this text represents one sixth of what will eventually be my entire honors thesis. I have had the last 34 days to write 20 of the 35 pages that are due at 4:00pm tomorrow, and I chose to wait until last night to begin that task. Whoops! I'm now living to regret it. I currently have 10 new pages and 16 hours in front of me before I finally suffer from my own procrastination. The end product will be at least 60 pages long (I predict closer to 80), and is due on May 10.

If you find yourself short on sedatives, please read my introduction and give me any feedback. Mostly I'm wondering if those little cow head outlines are cool or cheesey.

I look forward to sleeping on Wednesday.


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