Friday, May 27, 2005

Best. E-mail. Ever.

Thank you, G.B., for this touching message, in response to my most recent Daily Cal column:

I lived in Oakland during part of my undergraduate years at Cal (1970-73). You sound
just like the rich white trash liberals I knew back then. Bored and filled with
self-loathing. After years of pimping off your parents should be prime bait for the
welfare culture. With one big exception. For you moving to Oakland it is a two way
street. You can move out at anytime. But when the going gets rough--and it will,
when one of your heroic "pimps" tries to put you on the block outside that liquor
store (which sounds like where you belong anyway)—you have the option to move out.
As a campus street cunt hustler you think you’re tough. Try teaching in the Oakland
public schools for a few years. Then we will see what you have to say. Right now you
are just a bored white chick looking for a few cheap thrills in the ghetto.
He's probably correct on most accounts (i.e., me being bored and white), but the claim that I'm rich, trashy, or pimping off my parents is amusing. (I especailly like the part where he calls me a cunt. Classy.) Nevermind the fact that I did live in the ghetto with my parents until I was eight years old, during which time we didn't have the option of moving out, and nevermind the fact that my own personal budget makes living in Oakland the only reasonable housing option for me right now.

E-mails like these are the reason I want to write for a living.

Now out of my way! I've got cheap thrills to seek!


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