Friday, May 13, 2005

Who's taking bets?

Manny Buenrostro: 2.5:1
Justine Lazaro: 2.8:1
Rebecca C. Brown: 12:1
Zach Liberman: 15:1
Ronald Cruz: 20:1
Alfred Twu: 25:1

Manny celebrating victory by slightly changing his facial expression, maybe: 3:1
Rebecca taking her shirt off: 1.3:1
Angel Brewer crying: 5:1
Andy Ratto bugging the shit out of Rebecca: 1:1
Bret Manly telling Rebecca how awesome he is in bed: 3.4:1
Rebecca being repulsed by yet strangely attracted to Bret Manly: 87:1
Zach showing up dressed as the Hamburglar: 53:1

See you in the Senate Chambers at 5:00pm. Results will be posted as instantaneously as possible on Can I get a hold of that tabulation application, Tommaso?


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