Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Aging is a beautiful thing

I'm headed to my very first business trip tomorrow morning. My flight for Denver leaves at 7:00am. I'm looking forward to the excursion (a) for the sake of travel, (b) because all my food for the next four days will be subsidized by federal tax payers, (c) because I enjoy the company of my coworkers, and (d) because I'll be earning overtime pay on Saturday. I think this trip will officially herald my ascention into grown-upness, or at least speed it along. Or at least I can pretend that it will.

When I get back from my trip I'm going to begin looking in earnest for a vehicle to purchase. I'm in the market for a 1995 or later Golf of Jetta 9preferably the former), 5-speed manual transmission, under 160,000 miles, recent brake, tire, or transmission replacements a plus, for between $2000 and $4000. Any leads? And don't tell me that Jettas are chick cars.

The desire to purchase a car has necessitated getting a modest bank loan. I've been pre-approved for a 36-month $3000 loan at about 4.6APR, which will be finalized once I provide a VIN and do some more paperwork. Filing the application was simple enough, but speaking on the phone to a creditor was stressful. It was like being on a date and trying really really hard to paint yourself in a positive light, except instead sex you ultimate goal is money. And whereas I know for a fact that I'm hot, I'm not sure if I'm the most qualified candidate for a loan.

My first big trip with my new car, once I get it, will be to Long Beach for Independence Day. In my family we don't celebrate Fourth of July; we go to Fourth of July. Fourth of July is the thre- dacades-plus-old annual gathering of my mother's paternal side of the family at Uncle Art's large ranch-style home in Tarzana. The focal point of the event, for the children at least, is Unlce Art's swimming pool and, in the last ten years, hot tub. He also has a koy pond and aviary. He also brews his own beer. This appeals less to the children than it does to the several alcoholics and teenagers in our family. Those two groups do not have a large intersection yet. Fourth of July is also a chance for the old folks to catch up with the last 52 weeks of happenings. They hang out in the shade. I'm in the transition between the pool and the shade at this point.

In other news, this guy in Boise, Idaho needs a date to the Loggins and Messina concert. I love you, Craig's List.


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