Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Like Orgasming Twice While Riding Big Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain ... at the Same Time!

Two of the best things in life - Wikipedia and Homestar Runner - have finally coagulated into a single cyber-entity. I love you, the Internet. I think I can now blissfully pass away with the comforting knowledge that humanity, despite its many shortcomings, is indeed blessed with a few wonderful anomalies of excellence.

In keeping with the theme of almost sexualized adulation for an inanimate collection of data and servers and hosts and code, I should also remind you that in Firefox if you type "wiki [thing]" into the URL field, our handy-dandy little browser will automatically look up said [thing] in Wikipedia for you and send you to that page. Genius! The same goes for "google [thing]." (If you do not have Firefox yet, and you don't have the guts to slice off your own hand in shame for this oversight, please download it now. Then evangelize about Firefox to all of your friends. That is, unless your friends actually like viruses and pop-ups and being lame and giving Bill Gates handjobs in the Red Robin parking lot after dark. But honestly, what kind of friends are those?)

Any other cool tricks you've discovered about Firefox that you'd like to share with me?


Firefox has a flewible plugin system so it's easy for others to write programs to modify it. Irght now I use "BugMeNot" to avoid having to sign up with newspaper sites.

Also, firefox gives _you_ blowjobs.
I just discovered Sage, a slick, integrated feed reader.
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