Saturday, July 16, 2005

Going to Italy

I'll be going to Italy for a coulple weeks so I won't be able to post much. I will be trying to talk politics with my relatives in Sicily though. For that reason I've been trying to bone up on Italian politics and language of politics. One thing I have learned, the italian language scrimps on words a lot. "Politics" is "politico". "Politicial" is "politico". "Poitician" is "uomo politico".

Roberto Benigni is not a big fan of Burlusconi. Burlusconi owns a lot of media channels in Italy (condencing the Rupert Murdoch / Bush arrangment to one man). Burlusconi's political party ("partita politico") is named "Forza Italia" which means "Go Italy!" or "Italy Rocks". Other parties include everything from anti-immagrant northerners to full frontal communists. The communists apparently busy themselves with anti-corruption and anti-mafia stuff and don't harp on the "getting rid of all capitalism" stuff too much so that's good. I have seen no references to Italian Libertairans. Perhaps it would do the US and Italy good if we can export a few of ours their.

Lastly, Sicily will be hot this time of year. Boy-o-boy, will it be hot.


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