Thursday, September 01, 2005

The "Blame America First" Crowd

They just make me sick.

Update: And there's more from peope who are in sweet with the Republicans.


I wonder how they explain all of those demolished and flooded churches?
wait... who makes you sick? the gays or the religious organization?
The religious orginization.

This is a liberal blog.
Leave it to Tomato to be stupid enough to simplify the world in such broad subcategories. Politicians are stupid, but luckily they'll never be stupid enough to allow you an opportunity to affect the world.
Just another example of conservatives resorting to invectives when the facts desert them. Tell me, can you come up with put-down for my name that wasn't also thought up by kindergarteners?
Doesn't much change the fact that you're an idiot. Whatever point you were trying to make was lost in the moronic leaps that one must take to untangle the thought-process of a 10 year old's brain.

And by the way, I'm a moderate Jewish Democrat.
You may be moderate, Jewish and a Democrat, but you apparently have failed to learn to reason. Namecalling is a fallacious method of argument.
I'm still trying to figure out where an argument was originally presented, why people are talking about "facts," and who asked for anonymous's religion and party affiliation. Is "They make me sick" a debatable point, to be supported by a solid factual foundation?
The fact that I'm referring to is the fact that Tommaso is an idiot.

And my religion and party affiliation were in response to Tomato's assumption that I was a conservative.
My point is simply that people who claim that God visits earhtly Karama on those who disagree with them are dumb. I am a liberal Catholic and a proud one at that so I certainly hope you didn't misinterpret my comments to be anti-religious in general.

But you know, you really aren't playing fair: I can't make fun of "anonymous". "anonyfool" maybe?
Quote: "Anonymous said...
The fact that I'm referring to is the fact that Tommaso is an idiot."

Your statement may be an opinion or belief, but it is certainly not a fact. Again I'll point out that namecalling is fallacious.
Actually, that is a factual statement.
Beetle, if you are referring to the other anonymous' verbal assault on Tommaso, you are showing your ignorance of the meanings of both the words "fact" and "idiot".
"You are an idiot" is a factual statement, in that it asserts a fact, rather than an opinion. Whether it's a true fact is, I suppose, a subject open for debate, though that would be one of the most idiotic debates ever.

Saying "namecalling is a fallacious mode of argument" is like saying "an orange is an inaccurate essay thesis." An orange isn't an essay thesis any more than namecalling is a mode of argument.

I'm still trying to figure out why people are trying to argue whether someone's insult is factually supported or not.
Clear thinking requires clear language. It is a "factual" statememnt in that it makes a statment about facts. It is not a "fact" since it is untrue.

Also, can one of you anonymouses please pick a nome de plume. It's getting hard to tell everyone apart.
haha, da only people who blame Isreal are on da left. waT was da name of daT congressman from virginia? moran or sometin. democratic congressman who said daT da Jews were in control of da US government. hahaT

sum republicans are homophobic but some of ur own congressman are anti-semites. i'd rather be homophobic b/c being homophobic doesnt involve killing 6 million people in a war. smashT

tommaso get a clue s0n. u can find retards on both sides of da aisle. stop being retarded wiT dis shiT sucka.

"newb liberal trashT smashT crushT ownT"
[translation of smashT]

Ha ha. The only people who blame Israel are on the left. What was the name of that congressman from Virginia? Moran or something. [He’s the] democratic congressman who said that the Jews were in control of the US government. Ha ha.

Some Republicans are homophobic but some of your own congressman are anti-Semites. I'd rather be homophobic because being homophobic doesn’t involve killing 6 million people in a war.

[signed] smashT

Tommaso, get a clue, son. You can find retards on both sides of the aisle. Stop being retarded with this shit, sucker.

“The only people who blame Israel are on the left.”

First off, senator Moran's comments were wrong but he only said that the Iraq war wouldn't have happened without Jewish support. This is hardly comparable to the holocaust (though of course, I expect conservatives to make such "femenazi" arguments since they can't very well use facts to back them up).

Secondly, Moran was forced to step down from his democratic post because the Democratic Party doesn't want to be associated with comments like those.

Thirdly, the Republican Party still contains Pat Buchanan, right? Unlike Moran, he has his own show! And unlike Moran, he ran for president of his party and had a pretty good showing. Assuming you know about all that, you should probably remember how Buchanan referred to Capitol Hill as "Israeli-occupied territory." Of course, you’ll also remember that unlike Moran, Buchanan was never shunned and continues to make bigoted remarks about Jews to this day.

I mention this only to further illustrate to others how divorced you are from the facts. I don’t expect you to change your mind just because you’re wrong.
Buchanan left the GOP years ago when he couldn't grab the presidential nomination. He last ran as the Reform party candidate, and has recently been seen cozying up with Ralph Nader. He is no longer taken seriously by mainstream Republicans (if ever in the first place) and the Buchanan-wing of the GOP is near non-existent. LaRouche has more influence with the Dems than Buchanan has with the GOP.
And yet LaRouche doesn't have his own show, does he? Buchanan is hardly a fringe character.

Still, we can argue about dueling slime-balls all day long and not change the fact that in the minds of actual American Jews, the Democratic party is by far better. Why, last election Jews voted for Democrats over Republcias 74-25.
Pat Buchanan has a lot of views the American left would agree with and, yes, because of Bush's more lax than Bill Clinton stance on immigration a lot of Republicans are mad at Bush.
Bush isn't a conservative in any way, we're already established that. What puzzles me is why everyone considers him right-wing.

Tommaso, the Jews ALWAYS vote Democratic. Just like the Cubans always vote Republican.

Very few of Pat Buchanan's statements in that link are anti-semitic. They're anti-Israel. Now what you're saying is that anyone who is against Israel is anti-semitic, a tactic the neocons used to drum up support for Israel.
I was making reference to the anti-Semitic remarks and not the anti-Israel ones. Though may I point out that if we were to adopt the anti-Israel/ anti-Semitic distinction (which I think wise), what Moran said would not really be anti-Semitic.

I find it incredible that the conservative brand has been marketed so well and so thoroughly that people insist on defending it even when the leaders of the movement fail them. If I buy a Chrysler and it breaks down and leaves me stranded, I don’t insist that it’s not actually a Chrysler and that this was just a scam pulled off by some company somewhere. I admit that I made a mistake and start looking for a better car.

Whether or not “true conservatism” is embodied by George Bush, he represents the only conservatism being offered right now. Take it or leave it or come up with some new name for your movement (maybe “DTI Conservatism”). Otherwise people are going to assume that when you say “Conservative” it means what most people think it means: the ideaology of the Republican party.
wow tommassonewb u are fukin clueless bro.

pat buchanon isn't in da republican party. he is part of da reform party. smashT

oter anti-semites in da Democratic Party:

Jesse Jackson. how mainstream is he? Invited to prayer sessions with Bill Clinton @ da white house.

Al Sharpton: Dem. Pres. Candidate. Has his own show.

damn suka u and ur party just got smashT like da morons u is lolz.

oh yea lyndon larouche is a democrat. smashT x2

my point is daT der are retards in both parties. if you fail to comphrehend dis then u are a fukin hack moron.

"liberal moron smashT"

Wow Tommaso amateur. You are fucking clueless, brother.

Pat Buchanan isn't in the Republican party. He is part of the reform party.

[signed] smashT

Other anti-Semites in the Democratic Party:

Jesse Jackson. How mainstream is he? [He was] [i]nvited to prayer sessions with Bill Clinton at the white house.

Al Sharpton: Democratic Presidential Candidate. [He] [h]as his own show.

Damn sucker. You and your party just got smashed. Like morons you lose.

Oh yeah, Lyndon Larouche is a Democrat.

[signed] smashT , smashT

My point is that there are retards in both parties. If you fail to comprehend this then you are a fucking hack moron.

I don't deny that some people who call themselves Democrats are anti-Semitic. It is a wide country after all. I'm simply saying that if there is a party more comfortable with anti-Semitism, it is not the Democrats. American jews agree with me.

I advise you to write in English in future posts. I'm getting tired of translating them for my readers. There are "1337" language message boards out there were you will be better understood.
its funny daT u take all daT time to to twanslate wut i write. fukin fanboi get of my nutz lolz.

if u dun like da way i rite my posts den censor me moron. daT would go in keeping with ur good authoritarian lefty fwends.

to add to da democrat anti-semitic list: da congressional black caucus.

we can keep on going if u wants.

jews vote democrat for a variety of reasons but i can gaurantee daT Jews would vote republican over al sharpton, jessi jackson, rep. moran, and da CBC. daT's a pretty big chunk of your party's ideological and ethnic wing right dere s0n.
forgot sig

"liberal fanboiT crushT"
It's only censorship if the government does it.

This blog is a space leased to Rebecca and me by a private company. Like my living room we can refuse to allow people access to it if we so desire. Nothing in the contract limits our ability to do so. I suggest you think about your desire to have the government stop from doing what it wants with its own property.

Really I would probably only delete your posts if your invective starting crowding out the trace amounts of actual argument in your post. If you want to devolve further I suggest you do so at the privacy of your own blog.
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