Saturday, September 17, 2005

I'll blog when I FEEL like it!

[Stomps foot. Pouts lower lip.]

Yes, I've been off in my own little world as of late, and for some inexplicable reason haven't felt like posting or giving the internet any confirmation that I exist in the past many weeks. I'm healthy and mostly happy, but I'm still adjusting to the life of the full-time-working, food-and-wine-talking-about, college-existence-ignoring proto-yuppie.

The primary reason for my absence has been that I in fact do work at work these days. I've been integrated into my organization as a bona fide full-time employee, replete with benefits (that I've waived because I get better ones through my mommy), monthly business trips, and 5 weeks' paid vacation every year. I've also been saddled with what we in the industry call "responsibility," meaning that I have to remain self-motivated, and also meaning that I have very little free time while enjoying my office's T3 line to rant about whatever's on my mind.

I've also been increasingly turned off by internet-bound political discussion lately. It's fairly repetitive, and usually devolves into "liberals do this, whereas conservatives do this!" rather quickly. I'm not impressed with the few main characters who dominate the Berkeley blog comments, and recently have been favoring face-to-face political debates over cyber arguments.

This too shall pass, and by next week I will undoubtedly be spewing my wacky leftist claptrap all over the web for my colleagues to make fun of again.

When I do get back into the groove, however, I can promise you that I will almost never write about campus issues. The hibernation period of my interest in my alma mater hasn't passed yet, and for now I'm just annoyed at college students who dress cooler than I do and jaywalk across Telegraph when I'm trying to drive my shitty car. I haven't read CalStuff in ages, and the last time I tried to read the comments on that site I think my brain turned into chewy delicious nugat.

I don't care what CNN tries to convince me when they have nothing else to report on; blogging is not an amazingly wonderful medium that everyone should shit his or her pants over. Not yet at least. There are too many losers and ineloquent morons dominating it right now to make it my main source of entertainment.

Instead, as of late, I've become addicted to weekly advice columns and

I look forward to writing more productively as soon as I get my head out of my ass and remember what it's like to care about the rest of the world. I miss you guys.


Thanks for the update Rebecca.

I look forward to more of your razor sharp wit and penetrating prose when you next have time to post. I've missed your writing.
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