Thursday, October 27, 2005

Harriet Miers Withdraws

Like a mormon having unprotected sex, Harrient Miers has prematurly withdrawn today leaving room for bush to nominate someone else to have a go. I want to write more but really I just wanted to use that metephor.

So will bush nominate a far-right crazy or play the safe course?


1) Alberto Gonzalez
2) John Yoo
3) Justice Brown
1) Janice Rogers Brown
2) Janice Rogers Brown
N) Janice Rogers Brown
Isn't the stereotype that Mormons have *lots* of kids, thus suggesting that there isn't a premature withdrawal?
No, the stereotype is that Mormons have lots of spouces.
safe course isn't picking a moderate -- safe course is exactly what he did by nominating alito... for all the trouble everyone seems to think the reps are in right now... think again... remember all that talk last week about a crumbling republican party, yeah... united once again, in power and the majority... dems will look weak once again cause they wont filibuster... and bush in office for another three years anyway so whatever
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