Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas (or Merry Sunday)

For those readers who celebrate the birth of Jesus during this time, let me wish you all a merry Christmas. Yes, even the conservatives. Its easy to dehumanize and discount those with whom you disagree but we should remember that most everyone involved in politics is so becuase they honestly want to make the world better. Yes, even Bush and Cheny.

As for those who don't celebrate Christmas: I hope your year has been good and that next year is better.

So in general, though my online persona tends to be complainy, let me recognize what I'm greatful for: that we all live in indisputably the best time ever, in the best country ever, and that we have the opportunity to make it better - in personal and public ways.


Wait, best time ever? What about the 50s? I thought everything was supposed to be great in the 50s.
Did they have cable in the 50s? Or PS2s? Did they have the internet? Did they have orthoscopic hip surgery or white guys legally allowed to marry asian girls?

Answers: No, No, No, No, Yes, but only in certain areas of the country.

And of course in the 50s you'd be about 30 year away from the most rudimentary dragon warrior release.
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