Sunday, January 22, 2006

The weird thing about misconceptions

It's a common misconception among conservatives that liberals are for "tolerance" meaning that people should tolerate anything annoying or not just becuase tolerance is a value in and of itself. In fact, when liberals use the word tolerance they almost always mean it in a legal sense: If you want to pass a law stopping something, you have show that there is causes actual harm to you or to some third party.

So when redstate publishes this it really makes you wonder what the hell they think liberals believe. Do they honestly think that liberals aren't supposed to get angry at a violation of their right to privacy? And when they get angry, are they not allowed to make poorly thought out mean spirited jokes which they then write on to protest signs?

Surely we liberals have similar misconceptions about conservatives (though I'm probably not in a very good spot to recognize what they are) but come on: this is a no-brainer.

RedState: Like Mike Savage, but with pictures.

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Universal healthcare and my useless hip

Let me just echo this sarcastic complaint over at Obsidian Wings: I waited 3 months for my operation and filled out enough paperwork to make an Italian bureaucrat proud. Also, my company paid more for the health insurance than it would have paid in taxes for a nationalized system. Universal Health Care is *cheaper* and more efficient than what we have here in the US.

The free-market is much more efficient than government at delivering goods and services in the vast majority of cases. However, a very limited number of goods (like national defense and national health) are more efficiently administered by the government. I know that’s difficult for some people to appreciate, but it’s the truth.

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