Monday, May 12, 2003

Astro 10: The Final Frontier

Astronomy 10 is often an easy way for Sociaology majors/atheletes to eliminate their Physical Science breadth requirement. For me it was an exciting an enilightening course that I would Rebeccommend to anyone interested in the grand processes of the universe. I opted not to wait for the Fall semester and Professor Fillipenko. Undoubtedly he is a fantastic professor, otherwise he wouldn't have earned the almost unanimous adulation he has received, and I'm in no way questioning how much he deserves his fame. However, I found that taking it this Spring with Professor Leo Blitz was a great experience, even if he doesn't juggle or pull quarters out of students' ears or whatever makes Fillipenko so great. My tip: don't bother buying the book, but borrow another astronomy book from a friend if you can (all intro astro books give you pretty much the same information, just with different page numers), and save yourself $60 that can instead go towards some new pants or 12 tickets to a Squelch comedy show. Also, don't bother taking notes; it's a big waste of paper, and all the information is online anyway.


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