Monday, May 12, 2003

A few final words on the Daily Cal thefts:
a) To whomever has stolen them: I sure hope you are recycling them or using them for a paper mache project or lining your birdcage with them. The last thing we need is more wasted paper destroying our planet.
b) Good for the Daily Cal for not buckling under the pressure of intimidation and theft. They owe no one an apology; the thieves owe the campus an apology for obstructing free speech (that furthermore only published facts, not fiction).
c) Did the "protesters" ever do anything to try try to block the Daily Cal website? Free speech will prevail with the help of (oh, god I can't believe I'm saying this) the Internet.
d) To those who, like myself, think the thieves are ignorant lawbreakers with complete disregard for free speech or reason, please don't start the finger-pointing game. It is likely that some DAAP and/or BAMN members were involved, but that in no way automatically incriminates anyone involved with either organization. Unfair categorization and the vigilante mindset is what spurred the thefts to begin with.

Good luck to everyone with the last two weeks of class.


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