Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Senator Paul "The Spare" Lafata bowls a 118 in a stunning victory over fellow Apple members

That's right. Not only is he an experienced and highly respected ASUC senator, Paul can knock over the pins, too! Last night Squelch Editor-in-Chief David and Apple members Anthony, Andy, and Paul had a rockin' good time at Albany Bowl throwin' their weight around through two games each. Though Paul started strong with a 20-point lead in the fourth frame, his stamina proved fallable near the end of the game and won by only a slender few points. Senator Lafata scored a sparce 101 in the second round, defeated by his colleage Andy "13-Pound Ball" Jessop's impressive score of 124. The key to Jessop's success was following the computer's pictoral advice to "hit the pins." Said pins were not available for comment.


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