Wednesday, May 07, 2003

So I'm new to this Bloggin' business, so my site is still very poopy (no comment options, only two links, bad design, etc.). Luckilly, no one's reading it just yet.

Currently, Heuristic Squelch Editor-in-Chief David J. Duman is awaiting his turn to appeal said magazine's massive funding cut before the ASUC. Chances are he'll be there until 7 in the morning before the budget is ratified. Ya see, it takes $21,000 a year to put out six issues of the Squelch. This past year we got $15,000 from the ASUC, with the remaining tab being raised through advertisement revenue. Two weeks ago, a few senators without significant opposition decided the ASUC would be better off giving Squelch $10,000. Ouch. So David's attempting to wheedle $12-14k out of the senate tonight.

I'd like to think that our magazine is important to the campus. We entertain, we enlighten. Okay, we entertain. But we give our fellow students 1,320,000 pages of hilarity each year (that's 20 pages per copy, 11,000 copies per issue, six issues a year) at just 1.14 cents per page if the ASUC gives us $15k. The cost-benefit analysis works heavily in our favor.

So speaking of funny jokes, read this.


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