Saturday, May 17, 2003

Top Story: Rebecca C. Brown Reaches 200 Hits!
In Other News: Your Photo Coming to a Professor Near You!

Yessir, I'm up to 200 hits on my humble little blog. Feel free to ignore the likelihood that half those hits are me sitting alone in the Moffitt Library computer lab at three in the moring hitting F5 over and over. In actuality, a good 30 of those hits are me checking for new comments. Sigh. Kevin, you cast a large shadow in which to wander.

Also, in case you're not the savvy Bearfacts user that I am, check out the new option to have your photograph appear on your professors' rosters. I surmise that this gives the instructors the opportunity to assess participation grades for their students without having to learn their names during the course of the year. (That sentence, by the way, isn't a criticism of the professors; I sympathize with their plight to remember so many faces and accompanying names.) I personally opted not to have my photo released, mostly because my Cal ID pic is really goofy. I also want to have the option to maintain some degree of anonymity in my larger classes. I'll participate and coerce the instructors to learn my name if I need to, but I'd rather have the choice.


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