Thursday, May 15, 2003

Top Story: Senator Patrick Hammon Spotted at Local Kinkos!
In Other News: Rebecca C. Brown's Blog Devolves into People Magazine-esque "Star Tracks" of ASUC Senators!
Also: Final 2003-2004 Budget Posted!

I went into Kinkos yesterday to drop off a FedEx, and I ran into Patrick who was makin' copies (the Pat-Meister!) in preparation for his upcoming finals. Honestly, he's one of nicest, most outgoing fellows that I've had the good fortune to (barely) meet. (I'd Rebeccommend to him and everyone else, though, to make your copies at ZeeZee or Krishna; Kinkos is a rip-off.) I wish I'd taken an interest in ASUC politics earlier. He also eerily reminds me of my very awesome roommate Greg.

Also, if you didn't catch it on CalStuff, here's the link to the 2003-2004 final ASUC budget. Thanks again to the Senate for putting so much effort into allocating these limited funds fairly. I only have a comment or two. For one, I'm glad to see a good portion of the budget go towards student groups and especially publications. My lone beef is that the Berkeley Jewish Journal is receiving $900 when they should be losing their ASUC funding entirely. Last time I checked, ASUC-funded publications and student groups aren't allowed to endorse ASUC candidates. And it was fairly obvious that the candidate "suggestions" in the second to last issue of the BJJ this year were endorsements. Of course, they were prefaced with a note more or less saying, "No, we really promise these aren't endorsements, we just picked one candidate from each office about whom to say all these great things. But they sure aren't endorsements, nosireebob." Hmmm, a little more than suspect to me. That $900 could be going toward four new SISGs or another fledgling pub like Exit or Onyx or California Engineer. But otherwise, I'm pretty pleased with how the budget turned out. I can personally vouch that the Squelch will take its $2,150 cut in stride and for yet another year produce six awesome issues for the whole campus to enjoy. Don't forget to submit!


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