Saturday, September 06, 2003

And he'll be turning 86 this November

Read this release from West Virginia senator Robert C. Byrd. (Link courtesy of Monica's Buddy Info.) An excerpt:

Despite our high-blown claims of a better life for the Iraqi people, water is scarce, and often foul, electricity is a sometime thing, food is in short supply, hospitals are stacked with the wounded and maimed, historic treasures of the region and of the Iraqi people have been looted, and nuclear material may have been disseminated to heaven knows where, while U.S. troops, on orders, looked on and guarded the oil supply. Meanwhile, lucrative contracts to rebuild Iraq's infrastructure and refurbish its oil industry are awarded to Administration cronies, without benefit of competitive bidding, and the U.S. steadfastly resists offers of U.N. assistance to participate. Is there any wonder that the real motives of the U.S. government are the subject of worldwide speculation and mistrust?

In addition to bearing similar political beliefs, Robert C. Byrd and I also have the same initials. Furthermore, my father lives in the fine state whom Byrd represents. Lastly, each year I receive $1500 from the Robert C. Byrd scholarship fund. I in turn use that money to eat and stuff.


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