Saturday, September 27, 2003

CAL WINS: 34-31!!!!
(Rebecca Loses: Her Sunglasses; Subsequently Finds Them Between the Cushions)

Excellent game.

I hail originally from Southern California. Long Beach to be precise. A few of my high school aquaintences attended USC. They're now spending five times what I do for a comparable education. Not that it has anything to do with football. Just saying is all.

"Take off that red car!"

I viewed the game from the comfort of a frat house. A dozen or so alumni came over to the house for today's event. It seems the majority of frat boys age to become frat men. The Frat Graduation Package includes a baseball cap, khaki shorts, a blond wife, and a sense of entitlement. Just saying is all.

On an 80's flashback note, the Cal band is currently eating hot dogs at the frat after playing a few spirited songs for the brothers and alum; one alum requested "Lady in Red." Ouch.


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