Sunday, September 07, 2003

Dude, I am so not in the Klan

News to me that Robert C. Byrd was in the Ku Klux Klan. Not surprisingly, that intelligence is not incuded in the Bio section of his official website. The point remains, however, that I happen to share his stance on the current administration's foreign endeavours. I also value his emphasis on education. I guess no one is all bad, or all good. But being in the Klan is bad. So very bad.

On a sadder note, as Jeff and his Greenthink remain in hiatus, David and Lighterside seem to have taken the same road. The demand of maintaining a job and higher education understandably precludes blogging. Status of Paul and Afortiori under investigation... This leaves me as one of the few admittedly and decidedly liberal voices currently active in the Cal blog circuit. My obligatory liberal query of the day: Is that a WMD in your pocket? (The answer is No, of course not. 'Cause there aren't any.)

On a political note, our president wants to spend $87 billion to further his American Cowboy World Domination Tour '03. Boo, the president.

On a me note, my birthday is this Thrusday. Yay, me.

On a musical note, the more I listen to Hail to the Thief, the more I like it. Also, the more I listen to the Beatles, the more insurmountable their musical superiority becomes.

On a comedic note, you should come to the Squelch comedy show this Wednesday, September 10 at 8pm in the Bear's Lair. Jim Short is out headliner; he's both funny and semi-Australian. Tickets are $5 presale, $8 at the door. Find us on Sproul this week for presale, or come to our short meeting before the show in 109 Wheeler at 7pm on Wednesday. Bring a friend, bring a date, bring a friend-who-could-potentially-become-a-date.


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