Tuesday, September 16, 2003

If only I had an empire that could be subsequently ruined by neglect and corruption. Sigh.

Sadly, the number of daily hits to my little website is not up to my standards. Furthermore, commenting threads are either very short or, more commonly, nonexistent. And as I've previously discussed, I'm only in this blogging business to crutch my little ego, and this climate of few hits and comments is not conducive to that end. Thus the following is a series of incendiary remarks and buzzwords that might yield more consumer response.

I sure wish an illiterate with a long criminal record were elected to the presidency. Ben Affleck. The federal government should ban peanut butter. Britney Spears. Timothy McVeigh is an American hero. Nude teens XXX. Styx is the greatest rock and roll band of all time. Penis enlargement at discount prices. White people should pay a priveledge tax. Free porn. Saddam looks great in khakis. Japanese school girl cum sluts. Public education should be subsidized by the Coca Cola Corporation and shoud be compulsory to the age 31 and should only meet on weekends and holy days. Sexy moms take it all over the face from big black studs. A lone third-party candidate should be admitted into an election after being tested against all other third-party candidates in a pool that is narrowed down through an elaborate and lethal scavenger hunt which shall continue till only the strongest survives; the victor will in turn be put to death by means of hungry-endangered-white-tiger=eating-squad because it's not like he or she is gonna win anyway; this event should be televised. Naked celebrity horoscope teen stripper pamela anderson whore halle barrie cum junkie brad pitt full anal tom skerrit cock blow lewinsky juicy pee fetish boobies.


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