Thursday, March 24, 2005

Another example of a campus Republican being startlingly competent

Two cheers, at the very least, to Election Council Chair Angel Brewer for not doing anything stupid yet.

Excerpt #1 from an e-mail to all candidates, written by Angel:

Your candidate statement - You have up to 100 words to write whatever you would like. Your statement will NOT be edited or proofread; I am only going to be making sure that you have 100 or fewer words.

Compare this to the (in my opinion and the opinion of a certain former Judicial Council Chair) unnecessary and illegal actions taken by last year's Election Council Publicity Coordinator, who took it upon herself to censor the content of three SQULECH! Party candidate statements (Holohan v. Simon, 2004). As if the word "cunt" wasn't protected speech.

Needless to say, both my candidate statements this year (for president and senator) were riddled with profanity, and I've yet to encounter objections from any Election Council members.

Excerpt #2 from an email sent to those involved with the weeky ASUC ad in the Daily Cal, written by Angel:

The ASUC Voters' Guide that runs in the Daily Cal is part of the election publicity budget. Last year WAY too much $$ was spent on it when it ran as part of the Daily Cal. This year we are doing the layout & printing ourselves (the same printer as the Daily Cal) and just paying for the insert costs. We'll save AT LEAST $2,500.


She's also been pretty helpful so far with keeping the website updated and complete. Though, to my credit, I've been working my ass off for and Fuck, I even learned how to do lists in html.

Speaking of which, please use both those sites (especially the election one) as helpful tools during this election season. I like to run a tight ship. As always, your input about both sites is very appreciated and actually influences the way I develop the sites.

Alright, I'm done verbally blowing Angel and myself.


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