Thursday, March 31, 2005

These are the emails I get.

I occasionally get some swell emails in response to my weekly columns in the Daily Californian. Some are so good, that I think I should share them with you.

Here's what I got for this most recent column.
I go to high school in Los Altos in northern California and I stumbled upon your column on the Internet and I thought it was absolutely hilarious, you have inspired me to apply to Berkley. Thanks.
Aw, glad to do my part for society. Who needs recruitment and retention centers? Maybe if you make it in you'll learn how to spell the name of the city.
You are the most talented writer of the column with a fascinating wit. You must receive several anonymous propositions a week. I'm in my 30's. Honestly, I woulld like to see your two best features, and the eyes behind the funny glasses.
Mmm, classy. Thanks for the compliment. My step-dad is also in his 30s, except he's not a loser.
What's up Rebecca, just took a look around the lab and guess what: no New Balances! We've got Nike, Adidas, Reef (me, oh yeah), and a really swell pair of Johnston & Murphys. Better think twice before throwing those stereotypes around all willy-nilly. Seriously though everybody down in the Microgravity Combustion Lab digs your column, it's really the only one I've seen worth reading since what's-her-name did 'Sex on Tuesday' a couple years back (Rachael something?). Your description of Berkeley during spring break really took the edge off my own spring break aliment: a cell-phone inflicted deep calf contusion. For real, the sage-like doc at the tang said it was the first one he'd ever seen, I guess they're normally caused by football helmets. Call Guinness, and if you're ever in the neighborhood stop by 60 Hesse Hall and show us your boobs!
See, now that's a cool email. The author is obviously intelligent and interesting, and has a first name of ambiguous gender, which means I can't e-hit on him or her, which is probably a good thing. I love science nerds.

I think I'll make this a regular feature, and maybe go back through the past nine weeks and share some more of my old favorite Daily Cal emails.

Feel free to trounce through my archives using the links I've included on the sidebar under "Flagrant Autofellatio."


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