Wednesday, March 16, 2005

They're like characatures of themselves

Sometimes I question my perception of Republicans as "...scheming, homophobic, baby-seal-clubbing, civil-liberty-repressing conservatives sitting around a mahogany table giving hand jobs to Fortune 500 CEOs...," but maybe that's not much of an exaggeration after all.

That's right. We're finally gonna start drilling for oil in Alaska. Because the internal cumbustion engine is the wave of the future! Hydrogen, nuclear-generated electricity, corn alcohol, driving less...Not in the USA, my friends.

It's as if Bush and the Republicans in Congress are attempting to enact legislation so eggregiously evil that the headlines look like they're ripped from the Onion. "Bush Proposes Burning Orphaned Puppies to Fuel Rocket to Mars." "Congressional Republicans Take Turns Raping Your Grandmother." "Condoleeza Rice: 'Fuck Iraqi Children.'" "Reps Support Drilling in Alaskan Frontier to Leach the Land that Might Not Have Much Oil in It, Even if Doing So Destroys Hundreds of Native Species."

Congratulations, team. You've outdone yourselves.


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